Alok and Bebe Rexha Unleash Dance-Pop Anthem with “Deep In Your Love”

Brazilian music sensation ALOK, recently crowned as the #4 DJ in the world by DJ Mag, has joined forces with multi-platinum hitmaker Bebe Rexha for their highly anticipated single, “Deep In Your Love”. The all-star duo, collectively boasting over 65 million monthly Spotify listeners, has delivered a pulsating dance-pop anthem that is sure to dominate the charts and dancefloors alike.

Deep In Your Love - Single Cover

ALOK, known for his “ministry of music” as described by ABC News, has been a driving force in the electronic dance music (EDM) scene, with hits like “Hear Me Now” surpassing 1 billion streams. Collaborations with industry heavyweights such as Tove Lo, Sigala & Ellie Goulding, Ava Max, and The Chainsmokers & Mae Stephens have solidified his global presence.

The collaboration with Bebe Rexha on “Deep In Your Love” marks another milestone in ALOK’s impressive career. Bebe Rexha, a multi-platinum artist recognized for chart-toppers like “I’m Good (Blue)” with David Guetta, lends her powerful vocals to the track, creating a mesmerizing blend of styles that captivates listeners from the first beat.

ALOK shared his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “Since meeting Bebe at a show in Romania, it’s been a pleasure working with her on ‘Deep In Your Love’ both online and while she was in Brazil. I can’t wait for everyone to hear this danceable, energetic new single and to play it live on dancefloors around the world as we bring in the Spring and Summer seasons!

“Deep In Your Love” is a sonic journey, seamlessly blending Bebe Rexha’s compelling vocals with ALOK’s signature upbeat dance-pop production. The track is a testament to the artists’ individual styles, creating a synergy that is both infectious and exhilarating.

Bebe Rexha, who is enjoying the success of her critically acclaimed 2023 album “Bebe”, expressed her excitement about the collaboration, saying, “Working with ALOK on this song was so much fun, and I’m so excited for everyone to finally hear it!”

The release of “Deep In Your Love” marks ALOK’s first single of the year, following a successful 2023 with hit releases like “Jungle” with The Chainsmokers and Mae Stephens, and “Car Keys” with Ava Max, featuring an official remix by dance music legend Tiesto.

The mesmerizing beats and captivating lyrics of “Deep In Your Love” are not only a testament to the talents of ALOK and Bebe Rexha but also to the collaborative effort of an exceptional team. Produced by ALOK, OHYES, Sebastian Bliem, Franklin, and LAWRENT, the track seamlessly blends their creative energies to create a sonic masterpiece. The song’s rich narrative is brought to life through the collaborative writing efforts of ALOK, Camden Cox, OHYES, Ollie Green, Ennio Morricone, and Franklin. An interesting note for music enthusiasts is the sampling of Ennio Morricone‘s “Alla Luce Del Giorno”, best known from Planet Funk‘s iconic 2001 hit single “Chase The Sun”. This clever incorporation adds a layer of nostalgia and complexity to “Deep In Your Love”, connecting it to the broader tapestry of electronic music history and further solidifying its place as a contemporary dance-pop gem.

As the song begins to permeate the airwaves, listeners are treated to an electrifying experience. The dynamic beats and riveting vocals draw them into the world of the song, building anticipation as Rexha delivers the catchy mantra, “Let me deep in your love”. The track reaches its climax with a vibrant drop, accompanied by high-powered synths and hard-hitting drums as Rexha passionately declares, “Wrap your heart around me”.

“Deep In Your Love” not only showcases the musical synergy between ALOK and Bebe Rexha but also highlights their commitment to pushing boundaries and creating unforgettable moments for their global audience. As the danceable and energetic single takes center stage, it sets the tone for what promises to be an exciting year for both artists. The collaboration is now available on all digital streaming platforms, inviting fans around the world to join the celebration of love, music, and dance.

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