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Darin Unleashes Energetic New Single “Electric”

After captivating audiences worldwide with his international success, Darin makes a triumphant return with fresh English material. Today, on March 22nd, fans eagerly welcome his latest single, “Electric”, as Darin gears up for an electrifying summer tour.

Electric-Single Cover
Electric-Single Cover

Written by Darin himself alongside acclaimed collaborators James Hurr (known for his work with Armin Van Buuren, Tiësto, Alok, R3hab), Paul Harris, and Jordan Shaw, “Electric” pulsates with the vibrant energy of a night spent reveling in Palma. Reflecting on chance encounters that alter life’s course, Darin shares, “I was out with my friends, seeking nothing more than to lose myself in the rhythm and joy of the evening. Yet, amidst the crowd, I found someone whose presence was magnetic, weaving their influence into the fabric of my existence.”

With previous hits like “Can’t Stay Away” and “Superstar”, Darin has solidified his status as a musical luminary, ascending to the top tiers of Italy’s radio charts. Across the pond, “Can’t Stay Away” enjoyed resounding success on UK airwaves, earning the esteemed title of “Record of the Week” on BBC Radio 2 in 2023. Notably, Darin’s impact extends beyond accolades; in Italy, he was recently honored as the most-played independent artist on radio waves.

Undeterred by past triumphs, Darin remains tirelessly dedicated to his craft, currently ensconced in the studio, sculpting sounds that promise to captivate hearts and minds alike throughout the year.

This summer, fans can anticipate basking in Darin’s musical brilliance as he embarks on a much-anticipated tour across his home country of Sweden, commencing on June 26th.

As anticipation mounts and excitement crackles in the air, Darin’s “Electric” promises to be but the first surge in a tidal wave of sonic euphoria.

Check it out below!

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