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Kerli Unveils “Alchemise” – A Gateway to the OVERSOUL Project

Estonian singer-songwriter Kerli has once again captured the attention of music enthusiasts worldwide with the release of her latest single, “Alchemise”. This track serves as the inaugural piece in Kerli’s ambitious audiovisual journey, the “OVERSOUL” project, set to unfold throughout 2024. In a matter of hours, “Alchemise” not only soared to popularity but also made an impressive mark on the Brazilian iTunes TOP 3 chart, surpassing heavyweights like Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, and Selena Gomez.

Kerli’s distinctive style and her pioneering approach to both music and visuals have been key factors in propelling her into the international spotlight. With “Alchemise”, she continues to push the boundaries, offering fans a glimpse into the sonic and visual landscape that will define her upcoming project. The song’s success on the Brazilian charts underscores the global appeal of Kerli’s artistry.

Alchemise-Single Cover

Known for her experimental and boundary-pushing music, Kerli has already earned acclaim for her previous works. However, the “OVERSOUL” project promises to be her most comprehensive and diverse endeavor to date. The marriage of music and visual art is a central theme throughout this project, with each track and accompanying video serving as standalone works of art.

“Alchemise” was produced by Crash Cove (BTS, Michelle Williams, Rebecca Black) and Kerli herself, showcasing the artist’s hands-on involvement in the creation of her music. The track is not only a testament to Kerli’s musical prowess but also a demonstration of her ability to curate a captivating audiovisual experience. The synergy between the soundscape and the accompanying visuals promises a unique and immersive journey for listeners.

The overarching theme of “OVERSOUL” hints at a project that transcends conventional norms in both the music and visual art realms. Kerli’s innovative approach is expected to bring a breath of fresh air to the industry, offering a blend of creativity and originality that sets her apart.

As the project unfolds, fans and music critics alike will be eagerly anticipating the release of subsequent songs and videos that form part of the “OVERSOUL” narrative. Kerli’s ability to seamlessly blend various artistic elements ensures that each piece is not only a standalone masterpiece but also a crucial part of a larger, cohesive story.

The credits reveal that the song was written by Kerli herself, highlighting her role as both a songwriter and performer. The collaboration with Crash Cove in production adds another layer to the track’s dynamic composition. This combination of talent and creativity is a testament to Kerli’s commitment to delivering a unique and memorable experience to her audience.

In conclusion, “Alchemise” serves as a powerful introduction to Kerli’s “OVERSOUL” project, leaving audiences worldwide eager to explore the diverse and innovative musical and visual landscapes she has in store for the rest of 2024. As one of the most exciting and boundary-pushing artists in the industry, Kerli continues to be a driving force in shaping the future of music and audiovisual art.

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