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Kesha Embarks on a “JOYRIDE” with New Single and Independent Career

In a fitting celebration of Independence Day, pop star Kesha has unveiled her new single “JOYRIDE”, marking her first release as an independent artist under her own record label Kesha Records since parting ways with Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe Records and RCA. The release symbolizes a new chapter for Kesha, who has transitioned from her previous labels to embark on a journey of artistic freedom.

The single made its live debut this past weekend at Brooklyn’s Planet Pride, where Kesha electrified the audience with the fresh, vibrant sound of “JOYRIDE”. This track is a notable shift from the experimental and arthouse style of her 2022 album “Gag Order”, embracing a more upbeat and energetic vibe reminiscent of her early hits like “Tik Tok” and “Die Young”. With its catchy electro beats, “JOYRIDE” is perfectly timed for summer and promises to be a hit among fans old and new.

Written by Kesha along with Madison Love and Zhone, and produced by Zhone—known for his work with artists like Loreen, Troye Sivan, and Adam Lambert“JOYRIDE” showcases Kesha’s return to her pop roots while celebrating her newfound independence.

Kesha’s journey to this moment has been marked by significant personal and professional changes. In December, her departure from Kemosabe Records and Vector Management was reported, a move that followed the settlement of multiple lawsuits with her former producer and label owner, Dr. Luke. These legal battles spanned nearly a decade and were finally resolved out of court, allowing Kesha to move forward. Both she and Dr. Luke issued statements on social media, with Kesha declaring she was “closing the door on this chapter of my life and beginning a new one.”

In a powerful tweet in March, Kesha announced, “First day I’ve owned my voice in 19 years. Welcome.” This statement underscored her newfound autonomy and creative control. Kesha recently celebrated her liberation with a performance at WeHo’s Outloud Fest to kick off Pride weekend, where she proudly proclaimed, “This is my first show as a free motherfucking woman.” During this performance, she introduced two new songs, “Mother” and “Freedom”, further emphasizing her fresh start.

“JOYRIDE” is more than just a single; it’s a testament to Kesha’s resilience and determination to reclaim her voice and her career. As she continues to evolve as an artist, fans can look forward to more music that reflects her true self and artistic vision.

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