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Miriam Bryant Releases New Single “Okej Att Dö”

Today, on April 26th, the Swedish singer-songwriter Miriam Bryant unveiled her latest musical endeavor to the world—a brand new single titled “Okej Att Dö” (Okay To Die). This release marks the first glimpse into her upcoming fourth studio album, which shares the same title as the single.

In a press release accompanying the song’s debut, Bryant hinted at a departure from her previous musical styles, signaling a bold exploration into uncharted territories. “Okej Att Dö” introduces listeners to a fresh sonic landscape, characterized by a fusion of electronic club music, soulful melodies, and elements of R&B.

The collaborative effort behind the creation of this track is noteworthy, with Bryant teaming up with a talented ensemble of songwriters including Elias Kapari, Cecilia Mix, Saska Becker, and Daniel Ledinsky. The production credits are equally impressive, boasting the expertise of Elias Kapari, Björn Engelmann, and Emil Pettersson.

Reflecting on the deeper meaning behind the song, Bryant took to Instagram to share her personal insights. She revealed, “To die in the biological sense, is that a person is no longer, it may travel on protected by higher forces. But the word also means much more to me. It symbolizes change, closure, and rebirth—moving on or letting go, killing old habits, old beliefs, about myself and others, letting go of the fear of new things etc. Tonight I’m releasing a song called Okej Att Dö. It’s about a change in my life that gave me much more to live for, so therefore it feels much more okay to die.”

With its poignant lyrics and innovative soundscapes, “Okej Att Dö” serves as a testament to Miriam Bryant’s evolution as an artist and her willingness to push artistic boundaries.

As fans eagerly anticipate the release of her upcoming album, this captivating single stands as a promising harbinger of what’s to come from one of Sweden’s most celebrated musical talents.

Check it out below!

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