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Molly Sandén Releases New Single “Slutet av sommarn”

In March, one of Sweden’s most listened-to artists – Molly Sandén – ushered in a new era with her single “Hålla mig”. The song went straight to #5 on the Spotify Top 50, recently went gold with over 6 million streams, and is currently trending at #11 on the Swedish radio charts.

A few weeks ago, she delivered a fantastic performance of the song at the Swedish Grammis, which received accolades and standing ovations.

Today, Molly Sandén releases her new single – “Slutet av sommarn” (The end of the summer) – accompanied by a maxed-out music video featuring cameos by Swedish celebrities Carolina Gynning, Edvin Törnblom, and Amie Bramme Sey.

“I’ve never heard a more summery song and the video really captures that feeling that everything is possible but that there’s often something crooked under the perfect surface…” says Molly Sandén.

With over 1 billion streams on Spotify, tours that have sold out in record time, numerous platinum singles and albums, and prestigious awards, there is no doubt that Molly Sandén is one of Sweden’s biggest artists and songwriters.

“Slutet av sommarn” is released via Milkshake / Sony Music and is written by Molly Sandén, Olga Sundin, Fanny Granström, William Forsling, Petter Alfredsson, and Carl Samuelsson. The latter three have also produced the song together with Oliver Frid. The song was released together with a music video directed by Kitty Lee Schumacher.

This summer, Molly will embark on an extensive tour around Sweden – see the dates below:

  • June 28: Skellefteå, Summertime Music & Life Festival
  • June 29: Höga Kusten, Naturscen Skuleberget
  • July 2: Stockholm, STHLM Fields
  • July 4: Stavern, Stavern Festival (Norway)
  • July 5: Oskarshamn, Latitud 57
  • July 6: Varberg, A Day at the Park
  • July 12: Helsingborg, Bayside Festival
  • July 13: Karlstad, Kajen
  • July 17: Halmstad, Hotel Tylösand
  • July 18: Borgholm, Castle Ruins
  • July 19: Karlshamn, One Wknd Only
  • July 23: Rättvik, Dalhalla
  • July 26: Malmö, The Harbour
  • July 27: Norrköping, Hugo Parkfestival
  • Aug 9: Stenungsund, Stenungsbaden
  • Aug 10: Huskvarna, Folkets Park
  • Aug 15: Gothenburg, Liseberg
  • Aug 16: Furuvik, Furuviksparken
  • Aug 24: Örebro, Gustavsfik
  • Sep 6: Linköping, Bonfire Festival

Prepare for an unforgettable summer with Molly Sandén’s music and performances, and check out her new single below!

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