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Quavo and Lana Del Rey Release New Single “Tough”

A few weeks ago, fans were abuzz with excitement when Lana Del Rey and her friend Quavo hinted at a new collaboration titled “Tough”. This anticipation reached a fever pitch when the former Migos member made a surprise appearance at Del Rey’s Fenway Park concert, debuting the song live. Today, the eagerly awaited track is officially out for the world to enjoy.

“Our new song is out with the toughest rapper I know”, Lana Del Rey shared in an Instagram post, accompanied by a clip from the music video which was directed by Wyatt Winfrey. “Love everyone who helped make this happen.”

“Tough” is a star-studded creation, with writing credits attributed to Cirkut, Lana Del Rey, Nick Bailey, Quavo, Clayton Johnson, Jack Antonoff, Elysse Jane Yulo, Benny Negrin, Jaxson Free, Josh Dorr, and Maddox Batson. The production team behind the track includes Cirkut, known for his work with The Weeknd, Nicki Minaj, and Katy Perry, and watt, who has collaborated with Camila Cabello, Post Malone, Justin Bieber, Cardi B, and Rita Ora among others.

Described in a press release as a “country-trap” track, “Tough” blends twangy guitars with modern hip-hop beats, creating a unique sound that bridges genres. Although Quavo is credited as the lead artist on this single, it’s unlikely to be featured on Del Rey’s upcoming country album, “Lasso”. However, the song’s stylistic elements hint at a seamless crossover into contemporary country music.

Lana Del Rey’s announcement of “Lasso” has already stirred excitement among her fanbase, and “Tough” offers a tantalizing glimpse of her musical versatility. As for Quavo, this collaboration further showcases his ability to transcend the boundaries of traditional rap.

With its innovative blend of country and trap, “Tough” is poised to become a hit, reflecting the evolving landscapes of both artists. The single’s release marks another milestone in their respective careers, highlighting their willingness to explore and push musical boundaries.

Check it out below!

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