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Tove Lo and SG Lewis “HEAT” Up The Summer with New EP

Swedish singer Tove Lo has released new music just in time to celebrate the start of summer. The new four-track EP, titled “HEAT”, was created in collaboration with renowned producer SG Lewis. This is Tove Lo’s first project since her 2022 album “Dirt Femme” and its expanded and acoustic follow-up released last year. True to its name, the EP is designed for hot, sweaty nights on the dance floor.

The collaboration between the two artists began with the tracks “Call on Me” and “Pineapple Slice” which are featured on “Dirt Femme” and on SG Lewis’ 2023 album “AudioLust & HigherLove”.

More recently, the duo teamed up with Nelly Furtado for the already viral song “Love Bites”.

Creating “HEAT” felt like a natural progression in their growing partnership:

Life often feels like a pressure cooker with various aspects—work, relationships, health, finances, and friendships—simmering beneath the surface, always at risk of boiling over. Tove Lo and SG Lewis aim to provide a release valve with their music.

SG Lewis has undergone a fascinating transformation into a rave revivalist, moving away from the future-disco genre. He recently launched his own record label too, offering him the freedom to create club-focused records without commercial constraints.

“HEAT” is a fusion of two highly creative minds dedicated to making unforgettable dancefloor experiences. The EP sees Lewis’ sensual music paired with Tove Lo’s bold and uninhibited style, creating songs for the daring.

Tove Lo is evolving too; she remains the “cool girl”, but she’s no longer detached or aloof. Her stoic exterior melts away over Lewis’ fiery club beats in “HEAT”, becoming something more fluid and liberated.

Describing their collaboration, Tove Lo noted: “The connection with Sam is rare; it’s like flint meeting tinder. Our previous collaborations hinted at this potential, but now the fire is raging.”

She then added: “You need to feel completely vulnerable and show whatever comes to mind, yet still want to impress the person you’re working with. I feel very comfortable with Sam, and at the same time, I want to impress him.”

Lewis echoed this sentiment, saying: “I know I have to bring my A-game with Tove. She always delivers something that enhances my work, creating instant studio chemistry. We rarely leave the studio without something we’re excited about.”

The EP’s standout track, “HEAT”, captures the unspoken language of the dancefloor. With a throbbing house beat, Tove Lo’s seductive lyrics evoke sexual tension like a flickering flame—tempting from a distance but scorching to the touch.

The track is accompanied by a steamy NSFW music video directed by David Wilson (Tame Impala, Paloma Faith, Arcade Fire, Arctic Monkeys) and shot at London’s iconic Electrowerkz club, a cornerstone of the UK’s queer nightlife. The duo recently launched their “CLUB HEAT” concept at an intimate party in London and are set to perform at Glastonbury on June 28th.

Whether you’re dancing under the stars at a festival or in the intimate confines of a club, “HEAT” promises to deliver the perfect mix of passion, freedom, and raw energy.

Check it out below!

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