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Delta Goodrem Unleashes Energetic Anthem “Hearts On The Run”

Australian sensation Delta Goodrem has once again electrified the music scene with her latest single, “Hearts On The Run”, making its debut on the BBC Radio 2 Early Breakfast Show with Nicki Chapman. This dynamic track marks her first release of 2024, following the success of “Back To Your Heart”, which dropped last August.

Co-written by Delta herself alongside producer and fiancé Matthew Copley, and songwriter Marla Altschuler, “Hearts On The Run” pulsates with an infectious energy that captures the essence of unyielding positivity. She revealed that the song was crafted to evoke the sensation of pushing one’s boundaries, fueled by love and an indomitable spirit. She described it as a rallying cry for perseverance, urging listeners to discover their inner strength even in the face of adversity.

In a statement about the song, Delta expressed her intention to create a high-energy anthem that propels listeners forward, akin to the exhilarating rush experienced during a marathon. She emphasized the importance of embracing challenges and pushing through limitations, a sentiment echoed in the song’s empowering lyrics.

A multi-talented artist known for her prowess as a singer, songwriter, producer, actress, and author, Delta Goodrem continues to captivate audiences with her versatility and authenticity. With “Hearts On The Run”, she reaffirms her status as a formidable presence in the modern pop landscape, delivering yet another empowering anthem that resonates deeply with her fans.

The release of her new single follows a series of remarkable achievements for Delta, including a successful tour across Europe and the UK in 2023, where she mesmerized audiences with her electrifying performances. Additionally, she made a triumphant return to the silver screen, captivating audiences in the #1 Netflix movie, “Love Is In The Air”, with her portrayal of the fiercely independent pilot Dana Randall.

Last year also marked the 20th anniversary of Delta’s groundbreaking debut album, “Innocent Eyes”, which remains one of the highest-selling albums in Australian history. The album’s enduring impact was further evidenced by its debut on the UK official chart at #2, where it garnered widespread acclaim alongside hit singles such as “Innocent Eyes”, “Lost Without You”, and the iconic anthem “Born to Try”.

As Delta continues to push artistic boundaries and inspire audiences around the world, “Hearts On The Run” stands as a testament to her unwavering passion and commitment to creating music that uplifts and empowers. With its pulsating beats and empowering message, this latest single is sure to resonate deeply with fans old and new, solidifying Delta Goodrem’s status as a musical powerhouse for years to come.

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