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Canadian singer-songwriter KALLITECHNIS has once again captivated her audience with the release of her latest single, “VIBES: IMMACULATE”. This track serves as a preview to her upcoming project, “MOOD RING”, which promises to be a diverse and multi-dimensional exploration of love. With her unique style and soulful voice, KALLITECHNIS continues to solidify her presence in the music industry.


“VIBES: IMMACULATE” is not just a testament to KALLITECHNIS’s vocal prowess and songwriting skills but also highlights the collaboration with producers that bring her musical visions to life. The single was written by KALLITECHNIS herself and produced by the talented duo of JAYLIEN, known for his work with LL Cool J and Akon, and Pierre Jamerson, who has previously collaborated with artists like Yuna.

This new release follows KALLITECHNIS’s exceptional 2022 EP, “IT’S NOT PERSONAL”. A project that we can only describe as “pure perfection” – the EP showcased the artist’s ability to craft compelling narratives through her music, earning her a dedicated fanbase.

Before the unveiling of “VIBES: IMMACULATE“, KALLITECHNIS introduced her audience to the upcoming project with the lead single “SOFT LIFE”. Released a few months prior, the track was described by the artist as “one color of many”, providing a glimpse into the diverse range of emotions and themes that “MOOD RING” promises to explore.

In a recent interview, KALLITECHNIS shared insights into the inspiration behind her upcoming project. She expressed her excitement for the project, explaining, “It’s a collection of the different colors of love. Love takes on so many different shapes and emotions. I wanted to capture how multi-dimensional it can be on one project. There’s a mood in there for all of the phases. I’m excited for people to see themselves in the songs. It’s really my best work yet.

As fans eagerly await the full release of “MOOD RING”, the singles released so far, including “VIBES: IMMACULATE” and “SOFT LIFE”, offer a glimpse into the artist’s evolving style and the emotional depth she brings to her music. KALLITECHNIS’s ability to navigate the intricate landscape of love through her lyrics and melodies is poised to make “MOOD RING” a standout project in her discography.

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