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Lil Nas X drops provocative new single “J Christ”

Lil Nas X, the trailblazing artist known for pushing boundaries, has dropped his highly anticipated single, “J Christ”, accompanied by a self-directed music video brimming with religious imagery. The controversial video features a basketball match between an angel and a demon, a wet and wild Noah’s ark dance sequence, and a striking portrayal of Lil Nas X nailed to a cross. This release marks his first single since 2022’s “Late to da Party” and “Star Walkin’ (League of Legends Worlds Anthem)”.

J Christ - Single Cover

In a bold move, Lil Nas X dedicated “J Christ” to “the man who had the greatest comeback of all time”. The single artwork itself depicts the artist dressed as Jesus Christ on the cross, setting the stage for a visually stunning and provocative experience. The song credits reveal the collaboration between Lil Nas X, Gesaffelstein (The Weeknd, Kanye West, Meek Mill), Omer Fedi (SZA, Machine Gun Kelly, YUNGBLUD), and Blake Slatkin (Sam Smith, Melanie Martinez, Lizzo)in both production and songwriting.

The music video for “J Christ” is a spectacle of biblical proportions. Lil Nas X, under the creative direction of choreographer Sean Bankhead, opens the gates of heaven to celebrity look-alikes, including Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Mariah Carey, Oprah, and Barack Obama. The video takes the audience through a series of visually striking scenes, blending LGBTQ and religious imagery.

The controversial video concludes with Lil Nas X portraying Noah, constructing an ark, and embarking on a journey after the great flood. The video ends with a tantalizing “to be continued” note, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter of Lil Nas X’s artistic journey.

Unsurprisingly, Lil Nas X faced criticism for his use of religious imagery, particularly for the portrayal of himself on the cross. In response, he took to social media, emphasizing that the depiction was not a mockery of Jesus but rather an artistic expression. He defended the use of religious imagery, citing its historical presence in art worldwide.

Addressing accusations of trolling, Lil Nas X asserted that he is enrolled in Biblical studies at Liberty University and shared a demo snippet titled “1-800-Call-God”, hinting at a potential gospel album in the works. Despite the controversy, he maintained that his intention was not to mock but to create meaningful art.

Lil Nas X’s knack for controversy has once again sparked conversations about the boundaries of art, religious imagery, and the artist’s intent. Whether the themes explored in “J Christ” will extend to his upcoming record remains uncertain, but there is no denying that Lil Nas X continues to challenge societal norms and provoke thought through his visual narratives.

With “J Christ”, Lil Nas X has delivered a visually stunning and controversial piece of art that explores the intersection of religion, LGBTQ representation, and personal expression. As the artist defends his creative choices, the controversy surrounding the release only serves to fuel discussions about the role of artists in pushing boundaries and challenging societal expectations.

Check it out below!

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