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BLACKPINK’s LISA Unveils New Single “Rockstar”

Since her solo debut “LALISA” in 2021, BLACKPINK’s LISA has undergone significant transformations. She has ventured beyond her long-time association with YG Entertainment, secured a prominent role in a major TV show, and launched her own management company. These bold moves have established her as a celebrity magnet, with her performances at Crazy Horse Paris attracting stars like actor Austin Butler, Latin pop sensation Rosalía, and renowned fashion designer Christian Louboutin.

Lisa’s latest single, “Rockstar”, is a testament to her evolving career. The track builds on the foundation laid by her earlier work. However, this time, she has injected the song with her distinct charisma, setting it apart from her previous solo releases.

The production credits for “Rockstar” include Sam Homaee and OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder. The energetic track combines the vibe of early 2000s J-hip hop with contemporary R&B and hip-hop influences, particularly evident in the bridge. Lisa’s vocal prowess shines as she effortlessly transitions between singing and rapping, perfectly embodying the song’s bold lyrics. The music video, directed by Henry Scholfield (Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, Ed Sheeran) and choreographed by Sean Bankhead, is a visual treat filmed in Bangkok, paying tribute to Lisa’s Thai heritage.

“Rockstar” marks Lisa’s inaugural solo release under her newly formed LLOUD Co. management company in partnership with RCA Records. Although there is no news of a full solo album yet, this single signifies an exciting new chapter for Lisa as she explores her musical identity outside of BLACKPINK.

Lisa continues to prove her versatility and command over the stage, making “Rockstar” a thrilling preview of what’s to come. Fans and critics alike are eager to see where her artistic journey will lead next.

Check it hew latest single below!

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