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Miriam Bryant Unleashes New Single “Dum” with a Confident Pop Punch

Miriam Bryant, one of Sweden’s most popular artists, is back with a bang, releasing her latest single “Dum” (Dumb) and it’s everything we hoped for and more. The standout lyric, “The worst thing about you is the best thing that ever happened to me”, sets the tone for a track that masterfully balances light and dark elements, showcasing Bryant’s unique artistic flair.

Dum - Single Cover
Dum – Single Cover

“Dum” is a vibrant and uplifting production set in a major key, blending confident lyrics with Bryant’s powerful vocal delivery. The song’s infectious energy and catchy melody are sure to make it a staple on summer playlists and radio stations alike. Co-written by Bryant, Andreas Werling, Daniel Ledinsky, and Elias Kapari, the track is a testament to the collaborative genius behind its creation.

In “Dum”, Bryant boldly addresses a past relationship, turning what could be a painful memory into a triumphant anthem. It’s clear she’s giving a defiant middle finger to her ex, and she’s doing it with style and grace. The song’s upbeat nature and empowering message make it a perfect revenge anthem, solidifying Bryant’s position as a winner in this narrative.

For fans of Bryant, “Dum” offers a refreshing taste of bubblegum pop, a slight departure from her usual style but a welcome one. The track is undeniably catchy and has all the ingredients to become a summer hit, poised to introduce Bryant to an even wider audience.

This new release follows Bryant’s April single, “Okej Att Dö”, which marked a significant shift in her musical direction. In a press release accompanying the song’s debut, Bryant hinted at a departure from her previous styles, signaling a bold exploration into uncharted territories. “Okej Att Dö” introduced listeners to a fresh sonic landscape, characterized by a fusion of electronic club music, soulful melodies, and elements of R&B. With “Dum”, Bryant continues this journey of musical evolution, seamlessly blending new influences while maintaining her signature emotional depth and lyrical prowess.

In short, “Dum” is a confident, feel-good track that highlights Miriam Bryant’s versatility as an artist. With its radio-friendly sound and empowering lyrics, it’s bound to be a major success, further cementing Bryant’s place in the pop music scene.

Give it a listen below!

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