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Swedish Sensation Molly Sandén Launches Evocative New Single “Hålla Mig”

Molly Sandén, the powerhouse of Swedish music, is once again ready to captivate audiences with her latest release, “Hålla Mig” (Hold Me). With a remarkable track record boasting over 900 million streams on Spotify, sold-out tours, platinum-selling singles, and albums, as well as a collection of prestigious awards, Sandén solidifies her position as one of Sweden’s most formidable artists and songwriters.

Hålla Mig - Single Cover
Hålla Mig – Single Cover

Released via Milkshake / Sony Music, “Hålla Mig” marks the dawn of a new era in Sandén’s illustrious career. The song, written by Molly Sandén herself along with Victor Rådström, Adam Von Mentzer, and Louise Lennartsson, carries the distinctive touch of Sandén’s emotive lyricism and melodic prowess. Produced by Victor Rådström, who is part of Neiked, the single promises to enrapture listeners with its poignant narrative and captivating soundscapes.

Accompanying the release is a mesmerizing music video shot in the vibrant streets of London, directed by the talented Zoe Que. Through captivating visuals, the video promises to complement the emotional depth of the song, offering viewers a sensory journey through Sandén’s artistic vision.

This latest release comes hot on the heels of Sandén’s critically acclaimed album, “ALLTING DÄREMELLAN”, which saw the artist revisiting nine of her classic tracks in new arrangements, alongside the unveiling of the brand-new single, “Psykos”. The album was met with widespread acclaim, further cementing Sandén’s reputation as a versatile and dynamic performer.

Sandén’s exclusive and sold-out tour following the release of “ALLTING DÄREMELLAN” garnered praise from both media and fans alike, serving as a testament to her enduring appeal and undeniable talent.

As “Hålla Mig” makes its debut on the airwaves, fans eagerly anticipate yet another chapter in Molly Sandén’s illustrious career. With her distinctive voice and unparalleled storytelling, Sandén continues to enchant audiences, solidifying her status as a true icon of Swedish music.

Check her new single below!

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