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Samir & Viktor make a comeback in the upcoming Melodifestivalen

Samir & Viktor are a musical duo that was created in 2014 and were established in the Swedish music industry that year with their hit single “Success”.

Samir & Viktor have competed three times in Melodifestivalen so far, in 2015 with “Groupie”, 2016 with “Bada nakna” (Skinny dipping), and 2018 with “Shuffla” (Shuffle). The first two times they made it to the final via Andra chansen (Second Chance), and the third time they went directly to the final where they finished fourth, the duo’s best final placement.

Still, in between the years the duo has gone in separate ways several times.

Samir Badran focused on his new profession as a real estate agent while Viktor Frisk continued as a lifestyle influencer while trying to launch a solo career in music.

This past summer, they decided to rejoin and released the single “Skål” (Cheers), and this seems to not have been a one-off.

The Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet and journalist Torbjörn Ek, have now confirmed through their insider sources that Samir & Viktor are ready for Melodifestivalen 2024.

“Yes, they will be there”, says a person close to the Melodifestival’s editorial team.

There is a song submitted and SVT has given them a place. “I don’t know if they have accepted and everything is completely clear, but almost”, says a source with usually good insight.

For next year, Melodifestivalen has been expanded to a total of five contests, but with six competing artists in each, for a total of 30 competing artists. The fifth and final round before the final has been extended to include a catch-up with songs that did not make it to the final.

The first round will be broadcast on Saturday, February 3, 2024, while SVT is expected to announce the full line-up in late November or early December.

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