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JoJo premieres music video for “Anxiety (Burlinda’s Theme)” & releases new EP.

JoJo has blessed us with yet another new project after releasing her latest album “good to know” and her first Christmas album “December Baby” last year.

She even dropped a couple of standalone singles in 2021 such as “American Mood”

and “Creature Of Habit”. The latter was released right off after it was revealed that she was participating in the popular show “The Masked Singer”, where she placed 2nd dressed as the Black Swan.

Back in August, JoJo announced the release of her new EP “trying not to think about it”, which she referred to as her capsule project.

Along with the announcement of the EP, she also revealed the lead single “Worst (I Assume)” together with its accompanying official music video.

The EP was released on October 1st through Warner Records and in a recent statement about it she said:

“I was definitely in a very different frame of mind when I first started writing the EP… Depressed, despondent, unmotivated, unsure about anything: particularly myself. I was thinking of this project as a “capsule” because it really acts as a time capsule of where I was at the end of last year. Confused af, emotionally exhausted, and so blue/ grey. Like there was a rainy cloud over my head and I couldn’t see a possibility of sunshine. Writing these feelings, sharing them with other people- realizing how many others related to these feelings- and putting them in songs was a part of what slowly but surely took me out of that grey place. But all the songs on this body of work are representative of how depressed, anxious, negative thoughts impact us and have the potential to impact those around us as well.”

The EP’s release was accompanied by the premiere of an official music video for the song “Anxiety (Burlinda’s Theme)”.

Talking about the song she stated:

“Somewhere over the years I became someone who wore all my fears and anxieties and hang ups and negative self-beliefs like armor. This song is about wanting to break up with your anxiety- talking to it like it’s an abusive relationship. CUZ IT IS. It can keep you small, isolated, unhappy, afraid, unable to perform to the best of your ability and reach your potential. If you’re reading this and you relate: I GET YOU. Someone once told me that naming your depressed/ anxious self and keeping it separate from who you really are can be helpful. So I named mine Burlinda, sorry to any Burlindas reading this. I haven’t conquered my anxiety… but slowly but surely… I’m learning how to work with Burlinda… and let her know she is not needed and can take a fucking seat. cuz I GOT THIS. Bitch.”

The official music video to the song also made its premiere, directed once again by Alfredo Flores (Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Selena Gomez) and it was inspired by all the ridiculous anti-depressant commercials JoJo saw growing up. Singer/songwriter Omarion, as well as former Fifth Harmony member Lauren Jauregui, make also a cameo in it.

Make sure to check out her new EP as well as this gem of a music video below!

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