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Kim Petras unveils brand new single “Coconuts”.

Kim Petras is paving the way for the release of her debut major-label album, which is scheduled for a 2022 release.

Following the international critical acclaim and success of her first independent album “Clarity”, which consisted of a plethora of current pop gems, she signed a new record deal with major label Republic Records.

After confirming that her new album, which is rumored to be titled “Problématique”, was fully done, she released its lead single “Future Starts Now” – a dance-pop anthem that also received an official music video, directed by Thom Kerr (Iggy Azalea, Saweetie, Bebe Rexha, Doja Cat, Christina Aguilera).

Now, the talented singer is keeping up with the promotion of her new project by releasing her new single “Coconuts”.

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The song was performed during this year’s MTV Europe Music Awards in Budapest for the first time, alongside a new track called “Hit It From The Back” in an intentionally raunchy and sex-positive performance, which was a protest against the Hungarian anti-LGBT law that was voted this past summer.

After gaining major popularity on social media and especially TikTok, the single’s release date was pushed forward and was finally released today.

The track was written by Kim alongside Cedric de Saint-Rome, Rocco Did It Again!, Ryan OG, Vaughn Oliver, lil aaron, Dr. Luke, and Aaron Joseph. Its production was handled by Rocco Did It Again! (Saweetie, Lil Wayne, T-Pain), Ryan OG (Steve Aoki, Maroon 5, G-Eazy), Vaughn Oliver (Adam Lambert, Betty Who, Poppy), Housefly, and long-time collaborators Aaron Joseph & Dr. Luke.

Talking about the song and the new record as a whole, she stated:

“I love writing fucked up, dirty stuff, so there’s a lot of slut on it. The Britney thing reminded me of how, if a girl writes songs about sex, it’s not art and it’s not important and it’s not winning GRAMMYs. But the shit that ‘Gimme More’ meant to me when I was a teenager and how it made me feel? I was dancing in my room, I put on my clip-in extensions and wore them around all day. It brought me so much joy, and no one can tell me that’s not important music, you know? This time, I’m not insecure in myself. I’m not like, ‘Am I pretty enough to make a slutty song like that?’, I don’t think that anymore and that’s very freeing. I loved crazy music growing up, and I’m gonna make crazy music and not be afraid of it. For me, it’s a confident record, because I was like, I’m just gonna do whatever the fuck I want.”

Another catchy tune by Kim that has us anticipating even more for her new album to be released as well as to see what other crazy and fun concepts she will serve us for dinner.

Make sure to check “Coconuts” below!

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