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Tamta releases brand new video for “Awake”.

In the summer of 2020, Tamta released her first international EP “Awake” – a small collection of songs, all of which are standouts.

The EP was preceded by the single “Yala” that featured Israeli singer, dancer and model Stephane Legar.

A few months ago, she released an official video for the fan-favorite, and absolute highlight off the EP, “Hold On”, which was filmed on the Greek island of Milos.

Recently, she performed the song in a stunning performance in MadWalk, a Greek fashion music project, for which she received many positive critics for her extravagant looks and performance.

Now, Tamta is choosing to end the “Awake”-era by releasing an official video for the title track.

“Awake” was written by Andrew Holyfield, Eric Lumiere, Marcia Sondeijker, Roulsen, and Ryuichi Flores, while Roulsen and Ryuichi Flores also handled its production.

The video was directed by Telémachos Alexiou and it was heavily inspired by film and fashion icons such as Werner Schroeter, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Jean Cocteau, and the one and only Vivienne Westwood.

“I looked for myself, behind the shadow of the moon, and I got blinded by the staggering beauty, I saw the Sun, I saw the Cycle Of Life, and I saw the Universe within me” she declares during the opening of the video, while she appears as a master of Tarot cards.

While serving several different avant-garde looks in an imaginary scenario where Kerli meets the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Tamta is proving once again she has a good sense not only for music but also for fashion.

Check it out!

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