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The Weeknd drops new music video for “Too Late”.

The Weeknd continues the golden era of his latest studio album “After Hour” by releasing a brand new music video.

“Too Late” is the next song chosen to follow the narrative of the story that started in 2019 with “Heartless”, followed up by “Blinding Lights” and “After Hours” and finally by picking up where the storyline of “In Your Eyes” ended: with The Weeknd losing his head, literally.

If you think that is eerie and shocking, wait till you see the new video which arrived just in time for Halloween, one might say.

The story continues with two models that just came out of plastic surgery and find The Weeknd’s head lying on the road. The two women, who are more than obsessed with him, take him home and have their own kind of fun in a twisted and bloody way.

The video was directed by the directing duo Cliqua (ROSALÍA, Bad Bunny, J Balvin) and is listed as NSFW and censored for his splattery and sexual content.

Check it out below!

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