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Miss Li Releases New Single “Misstag”: A Reflection of Youth and Discovery

With every new release, Miss Li solidifies her position as one of the most influential and cherished artists of her generation in Sweden, but not only!

Her music is distinctively her own, characterized by a strong musical identity and instant recognizability. Rather than following trends, she creates them. Collaborating closely with her songwriting partner and producer, Sonny Boy Gustafsson, Miss Li’s catalog continues to grow with memorable hits.

These include hits like ”Instruktionsboken”, ”Hälsa gud”, ”X”, ”Ålderdomshemmet”, and ”Komplicerad”, with which Miss Li has amassed over 1 BILLION streams, making her one of Sweden’s most played artists of all time.

Her latest single, “Misstag” (“Mistake”), adds another layer to her remarkable musical journey.

Misstag - Single Cover
Misstag – Single Cover

“Misstag” offers listeners a glimpse into Miss Li’s life journey, capturing the essence of being 17 years old—caught between childhood and adulthood, constantly searching for oneself and seeking answers in others and in life’s experiences. The track encapsulates the universal experience of navigating through the uncertainties of youth.

Speaking about the single, Miss Li shares: ”In “Misstag”, I sing to myself as a 17-year-old. The time when you are no longer a child, but not an adult either. You grope. You are constantly searching. Trying to find yourself. In others. Looking for kicks and answers. In everything. Everywhere.”

As anticipation builds for her upcoming album, “Misstag” serves as the first taste of what’s to come. Set to be released later this year, the album promises to take listeners on a journey through Miss Li’s life, from its beginnings to its yet unknown ending.

Fans will have the opportunity to experience Miss Li’s electrifying performances live as well, as she embarks on her summer tour, “Om vi stannar upp och drömmer lite grann” (“If we stop and dream for a while”). The tour kicks off on June 14 in Nyköping and concludes on August 31 in Huskvarna, offering audiences a chance to witness the magic of Miss Li’s music firsthand.

With each release, Miss Li continues to captivate audiences with her infectious energy, heartfelt lyrics, and unparalleled talent, solidifying her status as a musical icon. “Misstag” is yet another testament to her enduring creativity and artistry, leaving fans eagerly awaiting what she has in store next.

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